Shorts is a collection of stories that begged to be written in a shorter form. They are an eclectic blend of everything from modern takes on ancient mythology to a mom who sees ghosts to hypochondriac robots.


These stories are in-progress, so please drop comments or critiques! Your feedback is invaluable!

Table of Contents

Ixchel's Gift

Lucas has inherited the gift of healing from his grandmother Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of medicine, gestation, and love. While trying to navigate a new high school and survive a killer tornado, he must learn to live with the guilt that he couldn't save his father and brother from dying. (3400 words)

Sweet Star of Mine

Travel back to ancient Greece and join Kalliopi, Ophelia, and Agathe as they fight from beyond the grave to save Kalliopi's daughter and grandson from mormones, hags who prey upon pregnant women and their infants. (6700 words)