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My name is Ashlea Adams.

Indie fantasy author, knitter, and mom.

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Imagine a world where mythological creatures stalk the streets and only a secret society of knitters stands between humanity and doom. 'Stitchers' follows Huri Rojas, a heroine with divine blood and deadly knitting needles, as she tackles her first major case to save mortals from becoming vampire prey—starting with her best friend.

5 reasons you'll love Stitchers


Mythology Reimagined

Dive into a world where the gods and monsters of world mythology walk among us, reimagined in the modern landscape of Nashville, offering a fresh take on ancient legends.


Strong Female Protagonist

Follow the journey of Huri Rojas, a descendant of the Greek Pantheon, as she navigates the challenges of single motherhood and her secret life as a Steward of the Shield.


Urban Fantasy With Heart

At the heart of 'Stitchers' is a story about family—both the one you're born into and the one you choose—set against the backdrop of an urban fantasy adventure.


Action-Packed Storytelling

Experience a fast-paced narrative filled with action, suspense, and magical encounters that keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.


Innovative Magic System

Discover a unique magic system where knitting isn't just a hobby—it's a powerful tool for protection and combat against mythological threats, blending the comforting with the fantastic.

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