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The Reviser's Quest

June 2024

This June, answer the call of The Reviser's Quest! You can join one of three distinct guilds, each dedicated to honing a vital aspect of editing. Start your journey as an Apprentice, evolve into a Journeyman, and ultimately achieve the coveted rank of Master within your chosen guild. Don’t miss out on elevating your writing and connecting with fellow writers.


Ready to rise through the ranks? Your adventure awaits!

How The Reviser's Quest Works

For the month of June, we will revise our novels. No matter what state your novel is in, there is a guild for you. We will work alongside one another in editing sprints via Discord, celebrate hitting our goals and rising up our guild's ranks, and encourage one another when we struggle.

The type of editing your novel needs will determine which guild you join. Once you've filled out the form at the bottom of this page, you'll receive an email with your guild's specific resources to help you on your journey from apprentice to master.


We know each book is different, so you tailor your goals to your book. You'll keep track of your progress honorably through a Google Sheet, which you can access anywhere.

Speaking of progress, you can rise through the ranks in thirds, earning badges along the way. So, for the first third of your book, you'll be an apprentice; for the second third, you'll become a journeyman; and at the end of your editing journey, you'll earn the rank of guild master.

We're all here to encourage one another and sometimes receive encouragement. What we're about to undertake is truly a quest of epic proportions. To help each other learn along the journey, each guild will have a library for you to contribute guild-specific resources (everything from webpages to books to podcasts). You can peruse these treasures in your guild's Discord library channel.

I believe you're sufficiently debriefed. Keep scrolling to stay on your quest of a beautifully edited book. 

Guild Orientation


The Guild of Story Weavers emphasizes developmental editing, teaching you to refine plots, deepen characters, and weave themes across your novel. If you’ve just finished your novel or need to fix big-picture issues, the Story Weavers is the place for you.

The Guild of Scene Crafters is ideal for writers who have already completed their developmental edits and who are ready to focus on substantive editing. Whether it's tightening the pacing, enriching settings, or sharpening dialogue, this guild helps you hone each scene's impact within your story.  

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If your story's structure and scenes are set, the Guild of Wordsmiths is ready to welcome you. This guild focuses on one of the final stages of editing--line editing--and helps polish your prose to a shine.

How to choose your guild

Which guild you belong to depends on what state your manuscript is in. 

  • Story Weavers: For post-first drafts or those needing to rework the structure of the entire novel.

  • Scene Crafters: For those who've tackled the structural issues and need to focus on scene work.

  • Wordsmiths: For when your novel's structure and scenes are strong and you're ready to polish your prose.

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What to do next...


Choose your guild.


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Prep for June with us.

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Thank you, Julep, for our badges and logos!

Our very own Discord guru, Julep, created our logo and badges for Reviser's Quest. Make sure to check her out on Instagram and support her artwork!

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