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Reviser's Quest FAQs

What is Reviser's Quest?

Reviser's Quest is a structured editing challenge that guides writers through the process of revising their manuscripts across three specialized guilds: Story Weavers, Scene Crafters, and Wordsmiths. Participants progress through levels from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master, refining their skills and manuscripts with the support of a community of fellow editors and writers.


Who can participate in Reviser's Quest?

Anyone with a draft manuscript looking to improve their editing skills and polish their work is welcome to join. Whether you're a first-time writer or a seasoned author, Reviser's Quest offers valuable resources and community support to elevate your manuscript.

Will I be working alone?

Yes, you will be working on your novel alone. This challenge is designed to help you master the self-editing process. We recommend that you find beta readers after you've completed the Scene Crafters Guild, but you're free to seek beta readers at any point. We don't organize critiques for you.

Will my guildmates critique my novel?

No, having critique partners will not be part of the challenge. However, once it's completed, we encourage you to talk with your guildmates about starting your own separate critique groups.


How do I choose the right guild for me?

Choose a guild based on the aspect of editing you need to focus on:

  • Story Weavers: Ideal for large-scale structural and thematic revisions.

  • Scene Crafters: Focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of individual scenes and overall narrative pacing.

  • Wordsmiths: Perfect for refining language, grammar, and sentence structure.

What does it cost to participate?

Reviser's Quest is free to join and has free resources. 

If I have my own way of editing, do I have to edit how you show in the videos to participate?

No, you don't have to complete edits the way I do. I simply show you my editing process to help those who don't already have a system. We do suggest that you focus on one stage of editing at a time so that you complete your edits effectively; however, you're free to execute the edits however you feel most comfortable.


How long does the challenge last?

The challenge will run for the month of June.

When and where do the edit-ins occur?

Edit-ins are scheduled every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on the Quill Masters Discord server. These sessions provide a dedicated time for focused editing in a supportive, virtual environment. Please note that there are no in-person edit-ins; all sessions are conducted online to accommodate participants from various locations.

What if I want to switch guilds?

Participants are encouraged to select the guild that best matches their current manuscript needs. However, if you find that another guild is more suited to your editing stage, you can switch once within the first two weeks of the challenge.


Can I participate in more than one guild at a time?

To maximize the effectiveness of your learning and editing, we recommend focusing on one guild at a time. This allows you to dedicate your attention and efforts to mastering one set of editing skills before moving to another.

How do I access the Resource Library?

Participants will have access to the Resource Library through links provided on the Reviser's Quest Discord server and website. These resources include books, articles, videos, and other editing tools specifically curated for each guild.


What happens when I complete a guild?

Upon completing a guild, you'll be recognized with a digital badge and a certificate of completion. Those who finish all three guilds will earn the title of "Guildmaster of Revision," acknowledging their comprehensive mastery of editing.

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