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  • Pissin’ On Tires” published August 2020 in the Troubadour  in print and available online here. If you are as much of a dog lover as I am, you will love this one!

  • Poppies” published August 2018 in MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation

  • “Hopkinsville Goblin” published in October 2015 Neo-Legends to Last a Deathtime


Current Project

Stitchers (book 1)

In the world of Stitchers, the gods and creatures of mythology walk among us, even if most would rather forget that fact. Immortals, however, tend to prey on mortals too frequently. That’s where the Stewards step in. Armed with knitting needles made of wood or laced with sedatives, the Stewards of Surveillance are highly trained knitting operatives who take on the immortal nightmares of mortality and give an extra stab if you make them drop a stitch.


Huri, granddaughter to Athena and Arachne of the Greek Pantheon, is working her first official case as a Steward to save mortals from a new, highly addictive drug that will make mortals walking homing beacons for vampires. In the wake of her husband’s death, she returns home to Nashville to start over with her shape-shifting five-year-old son, who is just starting kindergarten. All she wants is to pick up the pieces of her life. But how can she do that when her closest childhood friends don’t even know what she really is?

Rose, Huri’s best friend, is attacked by an unknown vampire and must fight off the effects of the venom just as she reconnects with the man who got away. When a mysterious vampire lord takes Rose into his House, her addiction to his venom threatens to overtake all she is. How can she hope to survive, let alone escape, if Rose loses a little of herself to the venom every day?

Now, Huri must follow the Rose’s breadcrumbs to save her best friend before she loses another loved one and manage to keep her keep her job and a roof over her son’s head. Too bad those family connections aren’t good enough to keep away the trouble.

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