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Bullet Journal for Writers

I hope I'm not the only one who is a bit of a schedule freak. I try to be organized at home. (Notice emphasis.) But because I juggle so many things, I have so little excess brain capacity that if I don't write something down, I will absolutely forget it.

That's where bullet journaling has become a lifesaver. I can keep track of everything for the family, grad school, work, etc. As I come upon my final two semesters for my master's degree, I knew I needed to get the journal done for the remainder of the year as well as add a section specifically for my writing. This is my first year using a bullet journal, so next year, I'll have a better idea of how to arrange things overall. I wanted to share my spreads to give you ideas for my writing section as well as my monthly spreads.

July Spread
July Spread

This is my July Spread. I have an Excel file to keep track of my word count, but I primarily use that for my novel. I wanted to make sure that I was writing something every day, so I made four writing categories to keep track of where my writing time is spent: blog, school, novel, and short story. I will color in a square each day according to what I've written. I'm hoping this will help me even out where I'm spending my writing time.

Writing Index and Accomplishments
Writing Index and Accomplishments

I got several ideas from Angela M Isaacs and have tweaked a few things. My first official Writing section is the Index and Accomplishments. She pretty much uses a two page spread for each, but I don't have that much space left in my 2020 journal.

Angela uses a set-up that I really appreciate. I love keeping track of where my projects are. I tend to write short stories along side my novel, and as I move through my novel, I need to make notes of things I need to change in previous chapters that I will probably forget later. That's what the right page will be used for. The left page is mainly for me to to keep track of areas I want to specifically concentrate on in regards to learning new areas of craft and my author business. There is a submissions area which I may need to repurpose as I don't plan on submitting anywhere.

After joining Wattpad, I started looking through my short story folder for stories to add to my collection. I then found my older shorts as well, ones I had forgotten I'd written. This is really going to help. I think I need to alter the headings for 2021, but having this list will definitely help me keep track of what stories I have and where they are in the process.

This one for my blog should be pretty self-explanatory. I got some ideas from the Manuscripts page as well as a section for Ideas.

This last one is all about the Website and Social Media. There are certain things I need to alter for the website as well as settings I need to keep track of here. To be honest, I pretty much abhor social media, but nowadays it is a necessary evil. . . I mean . . . marketing tool. I also plan to keep track of posts ideas, which posts did the best, hashtags, and make sure I am posting regularly.

One area I wasn't able to photograph was my Expenses spread. Expenses is a spread that I didn't consider until after the fact. It's a simple ledger to keep track of current and future purchases.

Anyone who is around me for very long knows that I'm a pretty low maintenance kind of gal. 2019 is the first time I've tried bullet journaling, and I love it. I'm trying to determine if I can keep things low maintenance by keeping one bujo for everything. Not only do I have to track my everyday life but also light homeschooling for my two little ones and my author business. If I have more than one bujo, I'll have more things to juggle and keep up with. I want it all in one place. I just don't know that this'll be possible. I'm hoping that I'll have to find a larger journal and plan out the year.

What do you think? Are there any sections to add or ways to improve? What do you include in your bujo?

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